Thursday, December 8, 2011

Went to buy sticky @ ClarkeQuay wif HuiMin ytd ツ

                                              De chocolate which has many flavors. :)

                                                       Sticky which I bought ytd! :)

Ytd met HuiMin @ YewTee Mrt. Took Mrt to JurongEast. > OutramPark > ClarkeQuay. Go to de sticky shop, bought4 packets. 3 packs fr me n 1 pack fr my sis. (: Bought panda rock, mangosteen rock n strawberry rock. :B Bought fr sis kiwi rock. ^^Finally bought it alr, been craving it fr so longgggg! >< Walk ard Central c gt things to shop anot. Dh then go bck to JurongEast. > Headed to JurongPoint, bought ham chim peng to eat. Longtime no eat le. Walked ard wif HuiMin. See see clothes, shoes, necklaces, bracelets n mre. Went to cocoa trees de shop. thr gt somanyyyy chocolates n sweets! Gosh de things thr all so ex! Want buy but must w8 till I gt $$ hah. :D No $$ everything also cant buy. :/ Went to Mcdonalds buy icecream > Go MiniToons buy gummy sweet fr sis n lil bro. :) > Bought drinks. Took Mrt bck to YewTee. HuiMin alighted. Reached YewTee > Walked bck hme. Reached home le, give sis her sticky. Lil bro so wat sia! Buy fr him gummy sweet dk how appreciate! Zzz! -.- Keep show me his black face. =.= Use lappy. Go twitter, plurk n fb. Reply mentions on twitter. Upload pics on twitter. (: Eat dinner > Watch chnl 8 shw. Go use lappy. Chat wif frens. Tweet thru phone. > Slept alr.

Tdy wokeup use lappy. Chat wif baby love on twitter. :) Then chat wif Yiling`bbg. :) Although Idk her tat well yet. But I find her sweet, friendly n good. :) Hope we cn b close bbg n cn noe her more! She's so sweet to x boyf can! Her blog post so touching, caring plus sweet! :B Hope she n her boyf cn b tgt again! (: Bbg I'll tag ur blog often. So u must update often yah. :) -Winks- Hope YaoQuan faster cmeback if nt later baby love misses him somuchhh! :/ Sunny girl gna end le. Tis sat lastday le. Aftr tat de new shw would b You're beautiful. Looking forward to watch tis shw! :D Gna watch golden ferris wheel @ 11 on chnl 8 tnite. ^^ Hope mum cn bring me to Chinatown eat ha gao! I'm craving fr it! Longtime no eat liao. :/When cn I get my iPhone? O: Hope cn faster get in! :) End of post le! :D ^^ Shall update tml. Do tag me yah peeps!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby Love ♥♥

Tis pic above's CELINLEONG` My baby love! :)

Wokeup. Eat breakfast > Use lappy. :) Go twitter, facebook plurk. Reply mentions first then tweet. chat wif baby love on twitter! :) She's sad cos her bf nt in sg. Baby love bu yao sad kayes! Gt me here. :D ^_^ Lastlongerrrr yah baby love! She n her bf damn sweettttt can. :B Ahhaa. ^^ Wall to wall chat wif others. Gg to ClarkeQuay later wif HuiMin. (: Woohoo gna buy sticks later!! Longtime no eat le! >.< Cant w8 to go out wif her! :D Aftr tat mayb gg JurongPoint bah. ;) Baby love dedicate to me a post. SOSWEET CANNNN~!! :) Shall cont updating when Im home later.

A post for yah baby love! :)

Got see de pic on top? Tats my baby love! :) Cute rite n pretttyyy!
Hope she n her boyf wont quarrel over small matters n spoil eachother's mood.
B happy kays! (:
Anyth can tell me derh. Im like ur ears, listening to wat u say ehehe. :D ^^
Im happy tat ur my fren/sister! ^^
I'll cherish our frenship~! :)
Goodluck fr ur O lvls nextyear!
Jiayouuuuuu yah~!! :)
I noe you for like a few years le! From strangers bcme frens, from frens bcme close frens, from close frens bcme SISTERS! :) Hehe. (:
Lets meet up soon yah! (:
Nexttime I gt $$, treat ya stickys kays! -Winks- (:
Thankyou fr de post! (:
Stay pretty, cute, n happy yah! :D ^^
Sweet anot? U also must feel honoured n touched ahha. (:
KKay end-of post for ya baby loveeeee!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kisses Chocolate~ HERSHEYS

Feel likee eatingg tis nw! >.< Yumyumm! ^^

Waaa soo long since I last updated tis blogg! O: Hellooo peeps! :) Kindda lazyy nw to updatee tis blog. School holidays nw! :) Holiday homeeworkk all nt donee. Lazyy do hahas. :D Im sickkk! Omgg~! >.< Gt soree throat n runny nosee! Argggg~! Hatee de feelingg of beinggg sickkkk~! Tat SUCKS! >.< :/ Hopee I'll faster recoverr! (: Mum didnt work ytd. Brought me n lil bro to IMM. Usee phonee tweet. (: Reachh thr. > Go to Giant buyy things. Bought sushii. > Went to Kopitiam thr n eat. > Atee chee cheong fun n char siew bun. :) Went bckk hmee. (: Otw bckk rainingg heavily! Just finished watchingg forensic heroes 3 de shw yterdayy. Soo fastt ended le. :/ De oath ended le. Soo fastt! >.< Hopee next yearr will havee the oath 2! ^^ De rainbow sweetheeart's a nicee shw! Gt JimmyLin n YinCaiEr! :) Theyy two in tis shw soo sweett! :DD Currently watchingg MaterialQueen. VanessWu shuaiii! xD Dk tnitee derhh shw 'song to rmb' nicee anot. O: JiaHao n Chuman's lovee storyy! :) Tis shw's niceee! :D Twitterr's soo A W E S O M E E E ~ ! \m/ Let me tweet watever I wannt n chit chat wif ppl thr! :D Facebookk like so boringg! =.= Eeyer fb gt nudee pics! Eew disgustingg ttmm! Soo fastt next yearr Im alr Sec4~! Dieeeeeeee next year N-lvls! Omggggggg! >.< Wannaa go out workkk but cant find anyyyyy jobs! :( I wannttt $$! Buyy things whichh I wanntt! I wannt my Iphonee lahhhhh~! :( Walaoo soolong liaoo still havent get. >.< When I can get it siaaaaaa?! C sis usee her Iphonee till so shiokk. I jealous manzzzzz! :( Timee flies soo fastt. Now alr's Novemberr! Soon it's December le! N its Christmas! :D Hohohoho merrychristmas hahha. :D I wantt my tweets to b moreeeeeeeee! xD Kkayy donee updating. ;) If gt timee tml I shall updateee. Byeeeee~! :) Tagg mee ayee. :D ^^

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

                           Thiss is dee ringg whichh I boughtt from Jeanelle. Casntt waitt t gett~!! :DD

Heyy peepss! :)) Imm bckk blogggingg~! :) Longgtimee no updatee! Psps! Cos of exams. Eoy startedd lastt weekkk! Englishh, MotherrTonguee, SocialStudiess, MathsPaperrI, F&N, Historyy all dwnn! Left wif MathsPaperrII, Chemistryy n Bio. Yterdaee was F&N paperrr. Dk if I cn pass anot. :/ Aftrr de exam endedd, I saw LingHui n her frens. Walkk dwn tgt wiff themm. Took bus 176. Theyy go BukitGombakk thr playy bowlingg whilee I go bckk. :) Tookk Mrt from thrr to YewTee. Walkedd bckk hmee. Go bckk eatt lunchh > Watchh miotv. Usee lappyy. Go twitterr, faceebook n plurkk. :) Go youutubee listen songss coss veryy siann! Tweett hree, tweett thrr. :)) Aftr tat @ 4.00 leavee hsee. > Takee Mrt to BoonLayy meett Jeanelle payy her de peacee ringg derhh moneyy. (: Aftr tat wentt bckk hmee. Sis veryy pissoff cos of her ringg. It brokee. >.< Omggeee! Haiss! D: Watchh tvv > Revisee historyy. Zzzz dad soo de watt! DBT!! Tskktskk. Too tired jiu sleep awhilee. Wakee upp watchh chnl u thenn sleep le.

Tdaee went to sch my ownn. :) Go interchangee tookk bus 67. Read thru my historyy seq notess. Reachh bus stop > Tookk shuttlee bus t sch. Go paradee squaree. Paperr started. My mind wentt totalllyy blankk!! I cantt rmb wat I'vee memorised bout hitlerr derhh. >__< Haiss! Wats donee alr's been donee! Nt g'naa thinkk boutt it anyymree. :) Wentt bckk on my ownn. Tookk bus 176 > Mrt bckk. Reachhedd hmee. Sis' fren camee. HappyyBirthdayy HweeFong! :) Enjoyy! Usee lappyy. :) Tml's MathssPaperrII. G'naa revisee laterr! :) :D I wantt FRIDAYY fasterr cmeee!! Tats when exams'ree officiallyy overr! :) PARTYY TIMEEE!! :D When exams'ree overr, Immm gonnaa shop, shop! :DD ^^ Cantt waitt! Revisee fr mathss tml. Kkayyy til heree my postt. Byeebyee! I shall updatee when exams' overr yaa! :) winkkwinkk*

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Heyylohh peeps! :)) IMM BACKK BLOGGINGG! :DD Heh. ;) *Winkk* I shall nw updatee bout lastt Fridayy. Lastt Fridayy laast period was F&N, finish doingg our courseeworkk. Then met Chloe. :) > Walkedd dwn wif her, saw Linjong. :DD Chit chat wif her then awhilee bus lai le. Takee bus 176 t BukittBatok > From thr go t ClarkeeQuayy. GONNAA BUYY STICKYY! :) Hehe :DD Helped my classmates buyy too. (: Chengyi wanted 7 packs of stickyy! Omgeee soo muchh! >.< Tweet n chittchatt wif herr. :)) First thingg I do's go takee all de flavors whichh theyy want hahah :D When ppl ask youu buy fr themm, if theyy want alot. De common thingg's tat u'll b confused, need t chk whetherr gt buyy anot or left onee packk. :/ Takee all thee stickyys which I wanted > Go cashier payy moneyy. :) Guess how muchh in total? It costs $62.10. Thankk godd its nt my moneyyy otherwise wo hui hen xin tong hah loll :DD~ Theyy givee me onee packet of stickyy 150 g! Awweesome lahh! :)) :DD Aftr tat sat dwn @ onee placee, open de stickyy. Laterr took de Mrt t UT, Chloe wentt t my hsee! :) Hehee shee's soo funnyy! :DD Went t econ buy cup noodles then usee her Iphonee tweet. (: Sent herr dwn, her mum fetched her hmee. Hopee nxt timee shee cn go out wif me againnn n cmee my hseeee! :DD Atee dinnerr > Watchh brilliant legacyy. Wentt dwn boughtt mameeee n drinnks. Cmee bckk siss kpkb zzz!! Arguedd wif her. She wanted icee-blended choco dk hw go dwn buyy herrselff! Wtff! Knnn lahh! Shall nt thinkk boutt my argueement wif her spoil my mooodd onlyy. >__< @ nitee 10pm watchh E.U. :) Tiss showw'ss niceeeee! :) Aftr tat went to sleeppp. (:

Tdaeee almost wokee upp latee. Too tiredd! >.< Leftt hsee, brought de wholee packk of stickyys t sch. ^.^ Quitee heavvyy. Reachhedd sch > Wentt t canteen givee PoYi herr stickyy. :) Suddenlyy gt onee girl sec 1 derhh askk me whr I buy de stickyy? LOL :DD Still askk me cn sell her onee packk anot. Told herr I dh xtras. ^^ Gavee Aloysious his two packetss of stickyy. Go t classrm. Singg national anthem. Readd in class. Gavee JianZhi n ChengYih theirr stickyy. (: Frgt t buyy ChengYih's panda rockk n smileyy rockk! Gottaa payy him bckk haiss! Butt I bolui liaoo lehh! D: D: Gottaa thinkk of hw t payy himm bckk. ^-^ Firstt lesson's Mathss, do revisionn paperr > Chemistryy, doo workkbook n do de revison paperr. Haiss buzhidao I cn pass chem anott! D: > Motherrtonguee, zzzz MdmWangg soo naggyy! Ppl no talkk sayy we talkk knnbb lahh!! $^%$%&!#@# Funnyy siaa her english writee likee omgg lik dhatt! =.= > Recess > English, do letterr writingg. Zzzz tis DK go takee my pencilcasee, dw returnn mee! -.- Justt wanna get stickyy from mee! Whatthehell man! > CCE in class, againn on sexuality educattionn. =.= Funnyy siaa our class keep sayy thinggs whichh's funnyy! :DD Do reflectionn thenn go bck. Walked dwn t de bus-stop wif Crystal n MinHui. Saw Michelle wiff KaiLi. Took bus 67 t Cck > Took Mrt bckk. Reacchh hmee, eatt lunchh. Usee lappyy. Go faceebookk, twitterr n plurkk. :) Now faceebook likee soo boringg, TWITTERR THEE BESTT! :)) Lovee tweetingg hehe! :DD <3 EndOfYearExamm's cmingg soo soonnnn!! D: Nxt Mondayy's EnglishPaper 1 n 2. Gottaa jiaayouu fr my EOY! :)) God bless me! Let mee scoree welll pls! ^.^ Ohh freakk tml gt F&N PracticalTest, dk cn makee it or nt. Imm nt useed t cookingg! D: Justt try my bestt fr tml baa. No choicee, mum cant help mee wiff tatt! :'( Nowadays nvr watchh any on9 shws, aftrr EndOfYearExamn Imm gonnaaa watchh, watchh! Hehee :)) N alsoo go outt! ^v^ Shall go ClarkeeQuayy againn maybb aftr EndOfYearExamm! :)) Nitee timee gonnaa watchh brilliant legacyy chnl u 7pm, bountiful blessings chnl 8 9pm lastt dayy, E.U chnl u 10pm. Hahh soo manyy shws t watch. :DD. Wishh evrryyonee alltheebestt fr ur EndOfYearrExam~! :)
---PATIENCEE IS THEE MAIN KEY TOWARDS SUCCESS N EVERRYYTHINGG. :)) --- Kkayyy byeee! Shall postt anotherr dayy! Do tagg mee yaa, follow mee on twitterr! :))Gonnaa revisee nww. :)  BYEEBYEE! *waves*

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Yohhyohh peeps! Its suchh a longgtimeee since I lastt updateee! Now I shall updatee! :DD Birthdayy's over le! Aweesomeee! I'mm alr 15 years old! :) Last week, Sophia, Pearlynn, HuiMin, Tammie, Gladys & Cherlyn camee to my hsee to celebratee my birthdayy! :D Slyvia`Meii camee too! :) Theyy bought me a pooh bearr. :) Thanks alot I likee itt hehehe :D Declan soo watt keep takee my pooh bear haha :DD Theyy even baked a birthdayy cakee fr me! Awwww.. Thanks soo muchh everybodyy who camee! :) (L) ♥♥♥ Played twister awhilee then go on9 watchh FinaalDestination5. Soo scaryy manzz! D: But its exciting still. (: Aftr tat cut de cakee thenn theyy went bckk alr. Left Slyvia overr heree. :) Soo siann soo we CAMWHOREE! :D Soo funny! Soo manyy unglam pics! :D Funnfuunn! :) Slyvia`Meii gavee me a badge. Its Taemin pic on it! AWEEESOMEE! :) Thankieww mei! ♥ :) N alsoo I wannaa thank those peoplee who wished me on faceebook &  twitterr! A great thankyouuu to youu all! :) 

Tdaeee went to sch as per normal. Assembled in de paradee squaree. Then go to class fr EngFastTest. Zzzz suayy Dr cme takee our class cos no tcher! Aftr tat wannaa leavee class le jiu soo noisy! Zzzz! Gudd lahh shee tis yearr leaving our sch! :P P/S: Gonnaa do my homeeworkk now soo cant updatee. Shall updatee laterr. ^-^ Byee peeps! :) ^^

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Awwww... ZhhiiYong, Joey, AhYa, Tomato & AhDong hehehe :DD! ^^
WCS~~WeCanSurvivee! Hehhe nicee namee! :) Lovee watching #OnTheFringee! ♥
Tis shw getting mre & mree exccitingg~! :) Whoohoo! :D
EdwinGoh & IanFang shuaii! :DDD ^^

Longgtimeeeeeee no updatee leeee! :/ Hellooo peeps, srry didnt updatee cos busy of sch, doing homeeworkk/reviseee fr test & manyy moree! :DD Sec 4 & 5s havingg their Preliminary Examinations! Wish them all de bestt! I guess nxt yearr'll be veryy tough fr mee gt Prelims & N-lvl! Gottaa buckk upp! Tis yr EndOfYearExam rlly mustt jiaayouuu! :)

Yterdaee aftr Eng lesson. Hoseh lahh no need go Chem & Bio lesson! :DD ~! Go foyerr assemblee. Buy drinks, board de bus to SingaporePoly get NYAA Award. (: Reachh thr le, jiu go in de auditorium. Sit dwn do nth. Usee Cheryl's Iphonee go faceebook & twitterr. ^^ H3hh33 :) Go up de stagee takee de scroll. :) Soo nervous! Aftr tat gt tea reception, eat buffet hahaha I takee likee quitee alot. Heheh :DD ^^ Takee de bus bck to sch. Reachh hmee > Usee lappyy. Go twitterr, faceebook, plurkk. ^^ :)

Tdaeee wokee upp, usee lappyy awhilee > Tweet via internet. Thenn eat breakfastt > Left hsee le, tweet thru phoneee. Reachh sch le jiu go canteen. Took Crystal's SocialStudies Notes cos I left my notes underneath de desk. > Aftr tat jiu saw HuiMin walk to de classroom tgt. Took my notes > Stand outsidee de class, havee assembly. FastTest tested on SocialStudies`SBQ Reliability. > Dk hw do siaa! Haaiss! Dk cann pass de paper or ntt. Hopeefully cann ba! ^^ Aftr tat MotherTonguee lesson, ZZZZ siaa! MdmWang keep talkk talkk. We want do our compo peacefully also cannot! -'-lahh! Keep scold scold uss! Thinkk youu whoo manzz~! Kkay stop saeeing bout herr le! Do de compo le, jiu go fr Bio lesson. MrTann teach us bout respiration! LOL siaa MrTan soo funny! :DD His lesson soo funn~!! :DD > Aftr tat go staff rm wanna pass de compo to MdmWang but didnt see her. Soo I asked MrTan help me put on her tablee. :) > Go backk to canteen... Thenn go backk class takee my bag > Go com lab fr CCE lesson, do reflection > Findd out what our skills'ree. Hehhe my skills're engineering dk real/fakee. :o > Nxt lesson's Historyy, but tcher no cmee. Go libraryy! Watchh onee shw soo scaryy & cruel! Tat groupp of gang members damnn badd! Shared stickky wif Janelle, Pearlin, Jackie & Marissa! :) Chit chat wif themm! :) Jackie`Meiimeii soo funny & also Janelle`Meiimeii! :) Lovee hanging ard wif themm! :D ♥ Aftr tat go see our class photos, decidee wat to buy. Aftr tat go to de bus-stop. Reachh UT > Go NTUC buyy pockyy~! :) Thenn go bckk hmee. Usee lappyy. Go twitter, faceebookk, plurkk & blogg~! :) Watch BoysOverFlowers! Awww... Longgtimee no see le! GooJyunPyo & Jandi soo sweeett n alsoo funnyy! BoysOverFlowers ,DrunkenToLoveeYou, LoveeKeepsGoing, TongYii, OnTheFringee, UnRiddle chl 8 de, MyLuckyStar, RomanticPrincess & manyy other shows! Lovee watching tis shows!! ♥ :DD F4 aweesomee & handsomee ttmm~!! :D Eat dinnerr, watchh de chl U new shw. ^^ Cont watchh de BoysOverFlowers. ^^v Watchh OnTheFringee. :) ZhiiYong & Jasonn! Shuaii manzz! :) Watch jiaa hao yuee yuan then sleep le. (: Kkayy updated my blogg! :) Byeebyee! :) Shall updatee when I'vee de timee. (:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Yoohhh yoohh peeps! BACKK TO UPDATEE H3H33!! :DD Lastt Fridaee, wokee upp > Eat breeakkfastt. Frgt to takee my SS book. Luckily rmbed to takee my book otherwise get scolded x.x Left hsee le, reachh sch. First lesson's SS, do de what reliability WS. Sucks manzz~!! I hatee tat arggg! SUCKKSS!! > PE, run ard de sch thenn we all sit dwn chit chat hahha :D Soo funn! Wastee timee h3h33! :) Nxt's RECESS. YAYYYYYY! Aftr Recess no lesson le. Go to hall fr de Singapore3rdBookOfRecords! SBR3! Hehehhe :D Aftr tat w8 wif Sophia in de canteen cos we nneedd go to GreenridgeSec fr de RacialHarmony celebrationn! See our sch perform & other schs! (: W8 @ de foyerr, took de bus to GreenridgeSec. Reachh thr. Soo manyy schs over thr gt AssumptionEngSch, ZhenghuaSec, GreenridgeSec, JurongSec, RegentSec, FajarSec. I think tats all ba psps nt suree. Go to their sch hall. Their sch hall twice of ours big! OMGG! 2 big ass fann! Cooll! :D Go thr sit dwn, usee Sophia's phonee. Login twitterr. Chk ppl's tweets & my mentions. ^^ Watch their performance! Other students from ther sch likee all likee tong hua tat songg siaa! Theyy all sing de samee songs. Our turn le, clap handss hehehe :D Fatulah is thr tooo! :) P/S : Idk hw spell his namee. B4 de performance end, cannot go anyhwr WALAOO!! Soo boringg! Yeahhh CDSS won first fr de group category!! :) :) End le, walk to Bangkit Lrt. From thr takee LRT to CCK. Thenn MRT. Walk bck hmee. Tiredd! Bathee, usee phonee tweet & plurkk viaa phonee. (; Watch tongg yi, eat dinnerr. Eat crispy japanese seaweedd > Watch de koreann show on miotv. Shw finish le Endingg's NICEE!! :) HEHEH :DDD Watch 家好月圆 shw channel U. Thenn sleep le.
Lastt Sat wokee upp. Do Maths Graph WS. #Nowplaying- Fire- 2NE1. (; Eatingg lunchh. Choose what clothes to wear. Bathee then go my grandma's hsee. My siss soo GL, KNNBB! -'- Reply tweets viaa phonee. Reachh my grandma's hsee. Sooo cute lahhh Baileyz! :D If he's my dog, tat would b great!! :) But sad he's nt. :/ Soo good my aunt bought new hp! Smemree's Samsung Galaxy mann! I also want! :/ Nvm nxt timee c can buy anot. :) Xploring her phone nw. (; Eat dinnerr ^.^ Aftr tat playy WII. My bro dk how play lor. Zzzz! Watch channel U~De lastt onee standing! Hopee Carmen & Chengxi can be tgt! :) Watching mei le jiaa youu! :) eps 7 ^^ Niceee tis shw! :D Reaach hmeeee le! Cont watch de shw. (; Nxt week eps soo sweeettttt manzzzz~!! :) AHH I WANNAAA WATCHH! :) Shw finish jiu sleep le. ^^

Yterrdaee go sch myself. Reacchh interchangee. First lesson's Maths > Chemistry, gt test open book yayyy! :) But Idun understand @ all siaa de watt chemical equations zzzz!! > MT, siann soo wat siaa MdmWang soo watt keep nag nagg! ZZZZ! -.- Recess ^v^ Thenn Eng > CCE, do reflectionn. :) Go lotonee mini toons buy sweets. ^^ Aftr tat jiu go bckk liaoo. Usee lappyy go faceebookk, twitterr, plurkk. :) Watch mei le jiaa youu on9 eps 8. Meile & Yilie soo sweeettt! Soo funnyy also! :D SOO SWEETT CANN~!! :) AHH WANNAA WATCH EPS 9 FASTERR! :) Bathee > Eatt dinnerr & watch tong yi. Sadd sia LadyMin died le cos of tat ladyy jang! Soo badd D: Donee de Maths graphWs, revisee fr BioTest. ^^ Thenn watch 家好月圆 shw channel U. Sleep le.

Tdaee takee 67 bus. ^^ Reacchh schh. F&N, do WS. Thenn go com lab, do courseeworkk. > Maths > Eng, lolol de class disrupt dr's lesson. :D :D Hahhaa funnyyfunnyy! :D Boring lesson. Chem lesson, in chem lab. Do experimentt. Walk to lrt thr. Went to UT Point buy crackers. Didnt noee my hsee heree gt SOD Shop. Dk nicee anot. Shall try onee dayy! ^-^ Anyonee tried it yet? AngryBirds nw availablee on exam papers haha :D CUTEEEE! This quotee's gudd! "Everyone makes mistakes in life , but that doesn't mean they have to pay for them the rest of their life." Eat dinnerr, watch tongg yi shw~! :) Aftr tat do HW. #Nowdoing- Maths & F&N WS. Do hao le then do SS. ^^ :) #Nowplaying- Teenage dream. (; Watch 家好月圆 now. :) Orh orh liaoo. KKayy updatee anotherr dayy byeebyee! :) ^^